The subject of such measures as antibiotics and steroids has been mentioned previously several times in this website. As with so many aspects of allopathic methods, they trade off short term benefits for long term problems. Not only do they have potentially harmful effects on an individual scale for the person treated with them, but on a global scale they have contributed to an intropic war with germs. As CDC director of bacterial research, Dr. Mitchell Cohen, said in 1992, "Unless currently effective antimicrobial agents can be successfully preserved and the transmission of drug-resistant organisms curtailed, the post-antimicrobial era may be rapidly approaching in which infectious disease wards housing untreatable conditions will again be seen.2:414" In other words, allopathic medicine is hoping for a stop, if not a reversal, of intropy, something which is about as realistic as that for entropy in physics. This, of course, does not factor into account that the microbial world is itself stronger and more dangerous, while humanity is actually weaker from iatrogenesis, among other things. Hence, things have gotten to the point where the "silver bullets" of biochemical medicine will ricochet back at humanity, and will have accelerated to boot. Given that the microbial war with disease is on the verge of being lost, say the allopaths, it is necessary to look from curative health care towards the other spectrum, namely preventative health care. The allopathic "silver bullets" of preventative health care are, of course, vaccines. Hence, the purpose of vaccines is to promote public health by preventing disease. This is another idea you will do well to remember while reading through the rest of this website.


Without a doubt, the touchiest subject in conventional health care is vaccination. There are several reasons for this. Since it is a form of preventative health care, it is something which effects everyone, and not just "the ones who get sick". Most people in the general population find the idea of a "prevent-all" appealing, so much so that the Exclusion Principle applies to them as much as it does to those who are more directly connected with the vaccines. Any who have immediate negative experiences with vaccines are an exception to this, and are dismissed as statistically negligible anomalies. As for those who are more directly tied to the vaccines, they are almost universally proponents of them, and as such they tend to fall into one of two categories. The first group is the majority, and are those who buy into the information distributed to the general population about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, and how the "benefits outweigh the risks". When pressed for more information they, like some of the people in the general population, will give scientific and often tedious explanations of how vaccines work, why they work, and how much they have contributed to the decline of disease. They will present any of a number of statistics and graphs to show as evidence, and feel any action towards mandatory, or even increased, vaccination is justifiable, especially in the "post-antimicrobial era". All of this statistical information, in turn, comes from the people in the second group, namely the ones who manufacture the vaccines, or who are directly or indirectly on the vaccine manufacturers' payroll, including those who research and evaluate the vaccines18:107.

It all boils down to the medical racketeering network previously outlined in this website. All of the research into vaccines is done by the manufacturers themselves. Conveniently enough, the manufacturers and researchers deny any requests for the raw data from their vaccine research. The FDA itself is not a research organization; it can only approve drugs based on the provided research, which it has done with increasing impunity over the years of the racket's existence. The cost of vaccines continued to mount to cover the expense of the suits filed over the injuries and deaths resulting from the vaccines. In its supporting role in the racket, the U.S.A. government took an important step. It passed a key piece of legislation, The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, which indemnified the companies by stating that "no vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death."18:53 Since this did not indemnify the government itself, the net effect was to transfer the suit expenses to the U.S.A. taxpayer! Another result of the NCVIA was the establishment of the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) in 1991. Supposedly, the purpose of VAERS is to provide a central database to which to report any adverse reactions to vaccines, in particular ones which resulted in anything from hospitalization to death. Since there was absolutely no mechanism in place for reporting adverse reactions previously, this would supposedly reveal the true statistical dangers of the vaccines which the plaintiffs kept claiming and which the proponents kept denying. In practice, however, VAERS provides a legal means for the government to deny any adverse reaction claims which were not reported within its narrowly defined limits.

VAERS is useless as a means to track vaccine reactions for several reasons. The FDA estimates that doctors report only 10 percent of adverse reactions. This is a typical FDA "phantom" guess which is unsupported by legitimate studies. One NVIC study of New York doctors revealed that only 2 percent of them report reactions18:53. Most doctors refuse to report reactions even when people demand it, despite the fact that they are legally required to do so. Hence, the approximately 11,000 reactions reported to VAERS per year may have actually been a small fraction of the total reactions, which could range from 110,000 to 550,000 per year, if not more! Alternatively, people can report to VAERS directly, but the statistical effect of this is probably negligible since less people are told about VAERS or that they can report to it themselves than are told about the potential hazards of vaccines. Furthermore, there is a strict time limit of only seven days after the vaccination. After this, any "negative" events are arbitrarily assumed to be due to some other cause, the absurdity of which will be revealed shortly. Finally, the FDA and the CDC could safely ignore the VAERS reports because no follow-up was even incorporated into the system. Therefore, nothing would be done about adverse vaccine reactions no matter what the results! With all of the restrictions, red tape, and legal hurdles involved, by 1999 the total amount recovered in vaccine damages through VAERS was $1.24 billion for a mere 1300 cases. If all of the reactions were actually reported and received just compensation, one could only guess what this number should actually be. Along this same vein, one can only guess what the ancillary health costs forced on individuals and taxpayers are because of the adverse reactions, especially in the long term.

As can be seen, we have a situation where the only source of vaccine testing in the U.S.A. is confined to closed studies done by the manufacturers themselves, and approved by those with a conflict of interests. In order to make the business more profitable, the NCVIA was passed in 1986 to deflect the adverse reaction lawsuit expenses back to the taxpayer. VAERS, the first live population adverse reaction tracking system, was finally introduced in 1991, but was designed to obfuscate the true numbers by taking advantage of the existing medical racketeering network between the government, the pharmaceutical industry, and the medical industry. Again, this racketeering method can be generalized to most FDA-approved medicines. The only real difference between vaccines and other medicines is that they are almost universally applied to a population under the aegis of providing preventative health care, and therefore impact a much larger number of people. As you will soon see, the significance of this difference is more than rhetorical, and is most clearly illustrated by looking at the known facts surrounding vaccination. You may ask yourself at this point, "How are we supposed to know the facts when you've just indicated that few reliable facts are available?" Surprisingly, the true level of both the safety and efficacy of vaccines can be determined with reasonable clarity. The answer lies in the few studies done independently of the racketeering network, many of which are by people outside of the U.S.A., using the raw health statistics available for different countries from sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO), among other things. Additional information can also be found from the details about the vaccines themselves, and of the historical facts surrounding vaccination. For those of you whose information is confined to what is provided in popular U.S.A. society, brace yourself!

The Origin of Vaccination

As most people know, vaccination originated from Edward Jenner, who got the idea from the old wives' tale that milkmaids who contracted cowpox never contracted smallpox. He drew some serum from an infected cowpox pustule, and injected it into test subjects. This turned out to be the "breakthrough of artificial immunization". Here's the part you probably haven't heard. Jenner based his claim of success on a single test subject, an eight-year-old boy named James Phipps. This supposedly "immunized" child was re-vaccinated twenty times, until he died at the age of twenty. Jenner's own son was vaccinated multiple times, and he remained mentally retarded until he died at the age of twenty-one. In both cases, the cause of death was tuberculosis. Not surprisingly, a number of studies have linked tuberculosis to the smallpox vaccine. It is no coincidence that the tuberculosis miasm appeared after wide-scale smallpox vaccination was introduced. In other words, the smallpox vaccine contributed to intropy by causing the emergence of the tubercular miasm! Incidentally, Jenner refused to vaccinate his second son.

Despite the lack of evidence of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, Jenner managed to talk the British parliament into a mandatory vaccination program. For his efforts, Jenner himself was awarded £30,000, an obscene amount of money for a doctor at the time, especially considering the fact that he bought his own medical degree for £15 without having taken a single medical examination18:15! Jenner's contemporaries were baffled by how easily people were taken in by the whole affair. Parliament, however, was more motivated by the money involved in mass-immunization. Like England, other European countries realized the economic implications of mandatory vaccinations, and implemented their own programs. The rest is mass-immunization history, which also represents the single most significant event in modern medicine because physicians would no longer confine their activities to the ill. In a final interesting note about Jenner, he admitted that his vaccine was ineffective shortly before he died in 182318:57.

As it turned out, Louis Pasteur, whose experiments lead to the discovery of germs and the formulation of the Germ Theory, was supported by the mass-vaccination process. However, as already mentioned in previous sections of this website, the Germ Theory is a sadly inadequate model for disease. Pasteur simply took advantage of the vaccination bandwagon. As E. Douglas Hume observed, "Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur's germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity"18:25. Even Pasteur himself admitted on his death bed that his beloved Germ Theory was invalid, saying, "The terrain is everything; the germ is nothing."18:33. This statement was essentially an early concession by a scientist to the more complex homeopathic conception of disease.

The course was set. The compulsory immunization program in England was started in 1853. Previously, the highest mortality rate in a two year period was about 2,000. In the years 1857-9, the number of deaths was 14,244, and from 1863-5 it was 20,059. Then as much as today, vaccine proponents blamed those who were not vaccinated, rather than the vaccines themselves. Parliament therefore responded in 1867 with stricter vaccination laws, resulting in 97% vaccination. The result was a record-setting outbreak resulting in 44,840 deaths18:56-7! So much for the "blame the unvaccinated" theory, where the vulnerabilities to the disease of vaccinated versus unvaccinated persons are conveniently ignored. As one observer characterized the situation, "the very moment you take a medical prescription and you incorporate it in an Act of Parliament, and you enforce it against the wills and consciences of intelligent people by fines and imprisonments, it passes beyond the confines of a purely medical question... and becomes essentially a social and political one18:19. In the lamest sense of the word, at least they had an excuse in that there was no Nuremburg Code yet in existence to be violated. England finally got the idea and ended compulsory vaccination, but not until 1907! In the U.S.A., the only smallpox deaths for the last thirty years of the program were from the vaccine itself, and yet the vaccination continued until 197118:58!

A common argument of vaccine proponents is that the vaccines have improved in safety and efficacy over the years, especially since the early days of experimentation. Let us look at a more recent smallpox example. In 1917, the U.S.A. mandated smallpox vaccination in the Philippines. Afterwards, 163,000 contracted smallpox, and the death rate quadrupled from what it was before the vaccinations to 75,33918:19. To put this number into our "war" perspective, this is greater than the number of Americans who died in the Vietnam War! Another statement made by vaccine proponents is that smallpox was eradicated from the planet thanks to the vaccine, and is one of the most touted "triumphs" of modern science. However, there are obvious flaws in this argument as well. One of the hallmarks of scientific principles is reproducibility, and yet no other disease has disappeared since the beginning of allopathic intervention. The effort of WHO to eliminate malaria is a painful example of this. As one observer put it, "experts saw the grand smallpox success as an aberration, rather than a goal that could easily be replicated with other diseases"2:52. Indeed, the smallpox disease wasn't actually eliminated, as a series of outbreaks in recent years in the Swabi area of Pakistan proves! Because of the relatively low mutability of smallpox compared to other diseases, it never mutated to where it had an animal vector, making people the only carriers. As such, it more readily fit into the simplistic allopathic paradigm of disease. Furthermore, unlike most vaccines, the smallpox vaccine was not isopathic (see vocabulary), or derived from the smallpox disease itself. It was actually homeopathic since it was derived from a similar disease, yet it obviously had fatal flaws which will be discussed shortly.

However, given the above information, one must wonder if the smallpox vaccination program wasn't so much a case of disease elimination as of Medical Darwinism. It is a well documented historical fact that areas which refused the vaccine had few if any smallpox fatalities, while their vaccinated counterparts had record-setting outbreaks. Furthermore, since the introduction of mass-vaccination, more people have been killed by the smallpox vaccine than by the disease itself! Today, a disease clinically similar to smallpox, called monkeypox, is still being diagnosed today without necessarily being tested to confirm it as such18:57-8. Even though monkeypox is milder, some of the cases could really be an attenuated (see below) form of smallpox. Considering the tendency for diseases to make a mysterious comeback after a hiatus, as was the case with the bubonic plague (mentioned below), it remains to be seen if smallpox will also return to prominance decades or centuries from now to ravage mankind once again. Despite all of the madness surrounding it, the smallpox vaccine was touted as having eliminated the disease globally in 1977, even though only ten percent of the world population received the vaccine. Nevertheless, the campaign to eliminate smallpox globally served as the "example" by which to justify the slew of vaccines that were to follow for other diseases. These will be discussed in the following paragraphs, as will the adverse reactions to the smallpox vaccination beyond the deaths. By the way, remember that the purpose of vaccines is to promote public health by preventing disease. Welcome to the Exclusion Principle, once again.

The Decline of Infectious Diseases

You may be saying to yourself, "Wait a minute! If vaccines aren't safe and effective, then why has there been a decline in infectious diseases over the last two centuries?" This is a common, but flawed, argument of vaccine proponents. An understanding of the nature of such diseases is necessary, as is looking at what has changed over the last two centuries apart from the introduction of mass-vaccination. All epidemic diseases go through "cycles" where they increase in severity for a time, and then eventually resolve on their own. The bubonic plague is a classic example. It ravaged Europe in the fourteenth century, causing unprecedented casualties1. The plague disappeared on its own, despite the many bizarre efforts to stop the disease. It then re-emerged in London in 1665, and again resolved itself8. Along this same idea, virtually every declining disease was already eighty to ninety-five percent resolved before the introduction of a given vaccine for it18:47-51! The vaccines would be conveniently praised as "cures" since the corresponding diseases practically disappeared after their deployment. Furthermore, there is a logical explanation for why all of the infectious disease remissions took place more or less within the same time frame of the last two centuries. As some medical historians have observed, the decline can be better attributed to such factors as better nutrition, sanitation, and living standards than to antibiotics and vaccines21:123. This is supported by the fact that similar disease declines are observable in countries where vaccines were not mandated, but where such "civilized" improvements took place. Indeed, such sanitation and quarantine measures contributed to the aforementioned success of the unvaccinated areas of the world, while their vaccinated counterparts suffered from smallpox in record numbers! Similarly, the overall mortality rates have little to do with allopathic medicines per se, but have been more effected by improvements in other areas, such as those which apply to the infectious diseases, and also in the childbirth mortality rates due to improvements in sanitation and birthing techniques21:183-4. On these observations for disease and mortality rates, the significance of the previously mentioned Ignazius Semmelweis again looms large10:38.

Arguments made by vaccine proponents in this area are similar to the arguments they give for the efficacy of vaccines or medicines in general. Since the statistics they provide are rarely cited, they are often "out of the blue" numbers which are motivated by the medical racketeering network. Another common trick is the typically allopathic method of micro-analyzing portions of the available data, while ignoring the big picture. A clear example of this is the demonstration of the "effectiveness" of chemotherapy on tuberculosis from 194712:36-7. In a graph showing the mortality rates of tuberculosis from 1945, a large drop was evident. However, when the graph of mortality rates is made from over a century earlier, it is obvious that the tuberculosis disease mortality rates had already dropped by over ninety-eight percent compared to a century earlier! The total impact of chemotherapy on the already decreasing tuberculosis mortality rates (i.e. the slope of the graph) was negligible. Hence, it was impossible to see the true impact of chemotherapy on the disease without seeing the whole story. Such lies of omission are often behind the "logic" which is typically used to prove the safety and efficacy of medicines.

Interestingly enough, many of these infectious diseases, which were supposed to be a thing of the past, are now making a comeback in the "post-antimicrobial era". No "cure" for these re-emerging diseases is evident any more than is evident for the newly emerging diseases such as ebola or AIDS. Not only are they often in more virulent forms than their predecessors thanks to intropy, but people's natural immunity against them is also weaker. This is not only due to their aggregate iatrogenesis from the vaccines and other allopathic medicines themselves, but also due to the fact that the chronic disease induced by vaccines prohibited many parents from contracting the diseases to build natural immunity. Hence, they have little or no natural immunity to pass to their offspring, but they will instead pass on the iatrogenic miasmatic influences. These ideas will be explored further shortly.

Vaccine Manufacturing

One of the things that vaccine proponents say about vaccines is their level of safety which stems from their sophisticated manufacturing. They are made so that the patient gets a latent form of the disease for which they are being vaccinated so that the body will build up its own natural immunity through the production of antibodies. The disease-agents are attenuated (i.e. altered or half-killed), and put in a serum designed to trigger a "timed" release of the agents. This essentially summarizes what most people are told about vaccinations.

So here's the part you probably haven't heard. The disease-agents come from any of a variety of animal or human tissues, which are altered using adjuvants, or helpers. Some adjuvants are used as preservatives, to make the vaccine more potent, or function to attenuate the agents15. The disease agent may itself be altered in the vaccine's manufacturing process, producing an altered form of the original disease which may be immunologically irrelevant to the original. The adjuvants don't just completely disappear in the manufacturing process. In fact, for a given vaccine shot, you actually receive many times the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for acceptable daily exposure to the toxic substance. A classic example is mercury, which the EPA has determined to be the third most toxic element on earth18:112. For a given day's injections, a child will receive anywhere from 30 to 78 times the EPA-determined safe level of mercury18:110! However, plain inorganic mercury would be safer than the organic form used as an adjuvant, thimerosol, which essentially contains forty-nine percent ethylmercury18:111. One of the characteristics of ethylmercury is that it functions as a neurotoxin, which means that is can inhibit connections between, or even kill, brain cells18:46! Interestingly enough, unlike mercury, no real studies have been done by the EPA or anyone else on thimerosol safety, yet it has been used as an adjuvant since the 1930's. One of the objections by vaccine proponents, including the FDA, is that there is "no evidence" for the dangers of thimerosol. However, since 1998 the FDA has prohibited thimerosol in over-the-counter drugs because it is "generally not regarded as safe"18:112. This demonstrates the typical double-speak seen in the medical racketeering network.

Just recently, vaccine manufacturers were "asked" by congress to join practically everyone else in the world and stop using thimerosol in vaccine production. The result has been to force one of only the four remaining vaccine manufacturers (as of 2002) to close since they did not want to spend the money to comply (not to mention the huge number of FDA violations found in one of the labs, ranging from unsafe vaccine manufacturing practices to "unexplained" modifications of test data). What prompted the congressional directive was the preponderance of evidence about the dangers of vaccines. With the ever-increasing number of mandatory injections for children in the U.S.A., the vaccine problems become more aggregate. It is no coincidence that there has been a recent epidemic in autism, which was recently discovered to have symptoms similar to that of mercury poisoning18:44. Not coincidentally, autism was first diagnosed in the 1930's, when thimerosol was introduced into vaccines18:114. This is especially significant considering that many injections are performed on children before the age of six. This is before they develop a complete blood-brain barrier in the form of a substance known as myelin, something which is not completed until maturity. A blood-brain barrier would allow most of the mercury to be filtered away from the nervous system. Without it, the mercury obligingly tucks itself away in the synapses of nerve cells, waiting for months, years, or even decades before it unpredictably starts to act. Some areas of the nervous system, such as the hypothalamus, never develop a blood-brain barrier18:46. The hypothalamus regulates the pituitary gland (which in turn controls the hormone system), the autonomic nervous system, emotions of rage and anger, and also functions as a switchboard for sensory input. Consequently, researchers have linked vaccination to other problems besides autism, such as hyperactivity, learning disabilities, mental retardation, Down's Syndrome, encephalitis, Guillain Barre' Syndrome, and the sudden alarming rise in the severity of school violence, to name but a few18:46. Problems like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), infantile diabetes, and "Shaken Baby Syndrome" were all unheard of before mass-vaccination was accelerated. Similarly, the incidence of diseases like asthma have ballooned in recent years, without adequate allopathic explanation. Naturally, vaccine proponents deny any connection between all of these illnesses and vaccines. They usually respond with a statement to the effect of, "Vaccines are not responsible for these illnesses. We don't know nearly enough about the vaccines, or the human body for that matter, but we do know that we had nothing to do with it. Therefore, the vaccination program must continue to be escalated despite any doubts that some people might have. We don't have to support our claims by sharing the manufacturers' raw research data, thereby following the universal standards of scientific credibility with peer-reviewed research"!

Starting the elimination of thimerosol in vaccines hardly ends the problem, however. The existing vaccine supplies won't be recalled, so there is no way to know if you are getting an old lot or a new lot. Furthermore, what they are likely to use as a replacement will have as little solid safety information behind it as thimerosol. This is another example of the drug shuffle in the Golden Age of biochemical medicine previously mentioned. Indeed, they will most likely swap it with another one of their adjuvants, such as an aluminum-based substance. Such substances will inherently have comparable consequences since they serve similar functions in the vaccine manufacturing process. This brings us to the next point, namely all of the other ingredients to be found in vaccines. Apart from the attenuated disease-agent itself and the adjuvants, traces from the growth medium are also present. The following is just a partial list of things which have been or still are to be found in vaccines15.

  • Aluminum hydroxide
  • Aluminum phosphate (aluminum salt which is corrosive to tissues)
  • Ammonium sulfate
  • Amphotericin B
  • Antibiotics (i.e. neomycin tm - for infection)
  • Betapropiolactone
  • Blood from pig, horse, sheep, etc.
  • Brain from mouse, rabbit, etc.
  • Chick Embryo (growth medium for virus)
  • Fecal matter
  • Fetal bovine serum
  • Formaldehyde (a carcinogen used in embalming fluids)
  • Formalin
  • Glycerol
  • Human diploid cells (MRC-5 or WI-38, originating from aborted human fetal tissue)
  • Hydrolized gelatin
  • Kidney from dog and monkey
  • Lactalbumin hydrolysate (an emulsifier)
  • Macerated Cancer Cells
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Neomycin
  • Neomycin sulfate
  • Phenol - (also a carcinogen which may cause paralysis, convulsions, coma, necrosis and gangrene)
  • Phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
  • Polymyxin B
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
  • Potassium diphosphate
  • Potassium monophosphate
  • Retrovirus (SV-40 - a carcinogenic contaminant virus of some polio vaccines)
  • Sodium Phosphate (a buffering salt)
  • Sorbitol
  • Sucrose
  • Thimerosal (49% ethylmercury)
  • Tri(n)butylphosphate
  • Urine

If all of this seems masochistic and medieval to you, well, I agree. This array of substances illustrates the point made earlier in this website, namely the polypharmaceutical mentality of allopaths harkening back to the days of alchemy. This is supported by the fact that absolutely no interaction testing has been done for vaccines, including the combinationals like DPT and MMR18:40! Furthermore, since vaccines are designed to give "timed" releases, it is just as impossible to predict when these substances will manifest themselves as it is to predict how they will manifest themselves in a given person. All of the information regarding vaccine manufacturing demonstrates the idiocy of the seven day time limit for VAERS, among other things. Given what we have seen about the smallpox vaccine, you may be wondering how all of this impacts the more "modern" vaccines. Some of these are outlined in the following paragraphs.

The "Modern" Vaccines

Polio - In a situation which is reminiscent of HIV and AIDS, ninety percent of the people who carried the polio virus never had symptoms of the disease18:59. The reported difference in Polio contraction rates was actually due to statistical juggling, rather than the vaccine. People who never had the disease were reported as having Polio, and were subsequently "cured" after the vaccine was introduced to present the appearance reducing the disease to a near vanishing point18:59-60. Jonas Salk, inventor of the first polio vaccine, testified in 1977 that the few cases of polio in the U.S.A. were a result of the vaccine18:60. Despite this, the vaccine is still mandated. Salk's vaccine lasted only 17 months because of all the deaths and paralysis it caused. It was replaced by the vaccine still used today, made by Albert Sabin. Thirty years later, Sabin said, "Official data has shown that the large scale vaccinations undertaken in the US have failed to obtain any significant improvement of the disease for which they were supposed to provide immunization. In essence it was and is a failure18:63". An obvious pattern should now be evident. The four most famous men in the history of vaccination, Jenner, Pasteur, Salk, and Sabin, all repudiated their work after their fortunes were made! In a final interesting note about the Polio vaccine, millions of doses were discovered to be contaminated with the carcinogenic SV-40 virus in 1961. Rather than dump the existing vaccine stockpiles, the FDA "decided to leave existing stocks on the market rather than risk eroding public confidence by a recall"18:62. Indeed, no such "hot" lot has ever been recalled in the history of vaccination18:56! By the way, did I mention the allopathic claim that the purpose of vaccines is to promote public health by preventing disease?

DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus) - One of the most dangerous vaccines of recent years, only one European country still has mandatory shots; yet as of 2002, the U.S.A. requires five separate shots. The original DPT was recently phased out in the U.S.A. because of all the adverse reactions. In fact, seventy-five percent of the previously mentioned $1.24 billion from VAERS was awarded in DPT cases18:73! The new version is DTaP, where the "a" simply means "acellular", which is supposed to be safer since it contains no whole bacterial cells. However, no change was made to the adjuvants. Hence, all of the mercury poisoning you would see in DPT is still in DTaP. Consequently, if a child starts the commonly associated high-pitched screaming after the injection, the adjuvant will have something to do with it. A string of research going back to 1961 has linked such screaming to irritation of the nervous system, once again showing the link to mercury and autism18:69. By the way, here's a note for any of you were wondering why the so-called "Shaken Baby Syndrome" has suddenly appeared in parents in recent years. "Shaken Baby Syndrome" symptoms are identical to those found in children after they have convulsed to death from an adverse reaction to a DPT shot18:75-6! Hence, the whole thing is just a legal cover-up for DPT. By the way, did I mention the allopathic claim that the purpose of vaccines is to promote public health by preventing disease?

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) - Measles is a mild, self-limiting childhood disease. A common argument for vaccination is that it has been linked to encephalitis. However, the vaccine has a number of known side-effects including encephalitis. Furthermore, a 1989 CDC report found that the measles vaccine "produces immune suppression which contributes to an increased susceptibility to other infections"18:79. Finally, in 1978 WHO stated that those who were vaccinated have a fifteen times greater chance of contracting measles than those who were not vaccinated! Is anybody seeing the advantage of the vaccine here? Mumps is another mild, self-limiting childhood disease. One of the selling points of the mumps vaccine is the potential dangers if the disease is contracted in adulthood. However, the vaccine has not been studied, much less proven effective, in adults18:82. Rubella, also known as German measles, is another mild, self-limiting disease characterized by fever, sore throat, and a rash. However, the vaccine for this mild disease has resulted in atypical forms of the disease which occur later in adult life in a much more dangerous form18:81. Here is yet another example of iatrogenically induced intropy.

HiB (Hemophilus Influenzae, a.k.a. Type B Meningitis) - The original strain of Hemophilus Influenzae caused mild, self-limiting infections in a child's nose and throat. Type B, on rare occasions, can cause meningitis in children. Since the 1960's, type B has increased in frequency, which many researchers attribute to the increased number of vaccines given to children18:82-3. The response to this by the allopathic community should be obvious: another vaccine! In the U.S.A. as of 2002, three HiB shots are mandated for children by 18 months of age, despite the fact that the early research on HiB found the vaccine to have no efficacy by this age18:83. A 1986 follow-up study of 55 people vaccinated for HiB found that 39 contracted meningitis, three died, and six others went deaf18:83! The vaccine has also contributed to infant diabetes, another disease unheard of before the age of mass-vaccination18:84. Because of its inefficacy, different forms of the HiB vaccine keep being introduced and tested on live populations.

Hepatitis A - Another mild, self-limiting disease, most hepatitis A cases don't even require treatment. The disease is characterized by flu-like symptoms, and serious cases are much less common than even with types B or C4:753. Like all of the hepatitis vaccines, one of the adverse reactions includes hepatitis15:3095. The vast majority of cases are in third world countries with poor living conditions, and yet hepatitis A was re-classified as a "high risk" disease in the U.S.A., justifying mandatory vaccination for it as of 2002! The justification used involves more statistical manipulation and speculation18:89-91.

Hepatitis B - Hepatitis B is an inflammatory liver disease most commonly found among drug addicts, the sexually promiscuous, etc. Most people, however, recover from the disease on their own without ever having chronic liver trouble. Inexplicably, in 1991 the vaccine was introduced to infants. The argument that the "baby could catch it from its mother after birth" is often used by vaccine proponents, and shots are given from the day of birth. Even if a child did not contract the disease from its mother from conception to birth, the danger is immediate. Perhaps they think infants are likely to be intravenous drug users or have multiple sex partners. Naturally, no long-term studies of the vaccine were ever completed by this time. As it turns out, "for most children the risk of a serious vaccine reaction may be 100 times greater than the risk of Hepatitis B"18:98. In fact, "As of 1999, the number of reported severe adverse reactions to the Hep B vaccine became higher than the actual number of cases of the disease itself," keeping in mind that only a small fraction of adverse reactions ever gets reported to VAERS in the first place18:98. In October of 1998, France dropped its mandatory hepatitis B vaccination for children after 15,000 citizens successfully sued the government over the neurological and autoimmune disorders that resulted from the vaccine18:99. Contrast this to the U.S.A., where most people can't even report an adverse reaction. Naturally, the hepatitis B vaccination in the U.S.A. is proceeding unabated. By the way, did I mention the allopathic claim that the purpose of vaccines is to promote public health by preventing disease?

Influenza - Even assuming that the whole premise behind vaccines is correct, and assuming that vaccines are both safe and effective, the influenza vaccines are conceptually the most inane of them all. Influenza is a virus with a high rate of mutation. The fact that the virus effects so many people merely increases this mutability, a concept known as gene amplification. In the amount of time it takes to identify a given strain of influenza, develop a vaccine for it, manufacture the vaccine, and put it on the market, the current strains of influenza bear little or no resemblance to those from which vaccine was made. The effects of the shots themselves bear mentioning. As revealed in a September, 1997 NVIC conference, "If an individual had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980, the chances of Alzheimer's Disease was 10 times greater than for those getting... no shots"18:86.

Chickenpox - Chickenpox is yet another mild, self-limiting childhood disease. Its vaccine is one made using aborted human fetuses18:102. Despite the variety of possible side-effects, the vaccine was never even tested for efficacy using a placebo-controlled trial before being added to the mandatory schedule in 199518:103.

Rotavirus - As mentioned previously, vaccine proponents often claim how much vaccines have improved in safety and efficacy over the years, and undergo careful testing before being introduced into a live population, thus invalidating the objections of vaccine opponents. The fact that such claims are blatant lies is perhaps no better demonstrated than with the rotavirus vaccine. The rotavirus is an infant disease which usually involves a mild, self-limiting case of diarrhea. Prior to its approval by the FDA in August of 1998, the bulk of rotavirus vaccine testing, which began over two decades earlier, took place on monkeys! Less than a year after approval, the vaccine was stopped because of the many complaints of often fatal bowel obstructions following vaccination18:104. Despite their obvious lack of solid information on the vaccine, the FDA recommended starting the vaccine with three separate doses by six months of age!

Anthrax - The vaccine of perhaps the greatest interest (along with smallpox strangely enough) in the post-September 11th U.S.A., the anthrax vaccine was one of the aforementioned vaccines responsible for the so-called Gulf War Syndrome. Until the Gulf War, that version of the vaccine had only been given to animals, not humans18:139! Despite this, six shots were ordered for all personnel, though fortunately most people never got that far. Vaccine proponents will argue that the shots had nothing to do with the "Syndrome", depite the fact that only the U.S.A. troops were effected, even when they were not on the front lines or exposed to Iraq's "biological weapons attacks"! These results speak for themselves, and yet the government has once again demonstrated its idiocy by spending hundreds of millions of dollars for ineffective and dangerous vaccines to give to all citizens of the U.S.A., based on a possible biological weapons attack from a weaponized strain of the disease which will most likely bear little resemblance to that for which the vaccine was made. Indeed, it is a known fact that as early as 1982, the Soviet Union developed a strain of anthrax which is completely unaffected by vaccines and antibiotics! Here is yet another demonstration of the Exclusion Principle.

This information is just the tip of the iceberg, and therefore covers only some of the vaccines that are out there, with only some of the highlights are shown for a given vaccine. This should whet your appetite to explore further on your own. There is much more information out there; it is simply a matter of finding it. Again, this is not an easy thing to do, especially in the U.S.A.

An Overview of Vaccination

Given the nature of the medical racketeering network, it should not be surprising to consider the fact that many of the new vaccines, as well as an increase in the number of booster shots for existing vaccines, has increased geometrically over the years. This is especially true since the vaccine manufacturers got their "get out of jail free card" from the obliging U.S.A. government in the form of the NCVIA in 1986. The scary part is how many more vaccines are awaiting FDA approval, like the AIDS vaccine. As previously mentioned, AIDS is not even caused by HIV in the first place, as the faulty Germ Theory of disease would have us believe. As always, tests for the vaccine have failed to "cure" AIDS, and have only given rise to new HIV strains, giving yet another example of intropy. One can only imagine the idiotic arguments that will be given for mandating an AIDS vaccine for all children when the disease has remained essentially isolated in the same demographic categories. Other new vaccines in the works include cytomegalovirus, hepatitis C (created through intropy from other hepatitis vaccines), chlamydia, herpes simplex, gonorrhea, etc. Anymore, it seems that any vaccine which is FDA-approved automatically becomes mandatory for children because of all the new "high-risk" diseases in the "post-antimicrobial era". Is anyone noticing the convenient pattern of vaccines giving rise to new diseases and more vaccines, and therefore more income to the medical and pharmaceutical industries? Remember that all of this started with the smallpox vaccine by a single, self-proclaimed fraud named Edward Jenner. The worst part of all of this is that the medical racketeering network ensures that allopathic preventative health care is a microcosm of allopathic general health care.

However, even the allopathic physicians are beginning to feel the pressure from parents due to all of this, as a November, 2000 meeting of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) indicates. They unanimously passed a resolution calling for the end of mandatory childhood vaccinations, citing the potential hazards of vaccines, a lack of "proper" testing, and a violation of the informed consent principle of the Nuremburg Code, among other things. Interestingly enough, the resolution does not go so far as to say that vaccination should be stopped altogether; it should just not be mandatory. The sincerity of this resolution is demonstrated by the fact that the mandatory vaccination schedule continues to increase and, as of 2002, is up to 40 mandatory childhood vaccinations by the age of eighteen. At this point, it would be absurd to ask if any research has been done to test the aggregate effects of so many vaccines on children. The U.S.A. is the only country in the entire world to have this "more shots are better" mentality, while most other countries, including those in Europe, are actually reducing, if not eliminating, the mandatory vaccines which the U.S.A. is increasing because of the results they produce! It is no coincidence that children are the fastest growing demographic for pharmaceuticals in the U.S.A., revealing the true purpose of all of this. Physicians still rarely, if ever, give meaningful information to parents before giving the shots. None of them would dare tell people all of the information presented here, for fear of disrupting the medical racketeering network, not to mention all of the legal repercussions that would follow. Indeed, one can only speculate not only on the short term hospitalization income, but also on the long term income due to the lifelong medical dependence that results from all of those people who are harmed by vaccination. For those of you who thought that human experimentation is confined to military personnel, as in the Gulf War, or to a few isolated U.S.A. civilians, you should now know the true scope of the previously mentioned medical barbarism. The intropic, iatrogenic, and human rights wars mentioned previously in this website could not be more clearly illustrated. Welcome not only to the age of Medical Darwinism (as previously demonstrated by the smallpox vaccine), but also to the age of Medical Machiavellianism.

A common thing people might say at this point is, "What can I do about all of this? The school threatened not to allow my children to attend if I didn't have them vaccinated. It's the law!" This is a lie of omission, like what is typically seen in the allopathic community. Although the states have vaccination laws for children, as of 2002 forty-eight of them allow exemption for religious reasons, while about fifteen allow exemption for philosophical reasons. The best thing to do is check into your own state's laws, which vary frequently. You'll be surprised. Schools are legally required to comply with exemption requests, even though they often refuse to do so without a fight. There are even horror stories where the schools have prompted children to be forcibly taken from their parents to have them vaccinated, on the grounds that the parents are "not protecting their own children". Doesn't that remind you of the physicians who refuse to report adverse vaccine reactions to VAERS? "Why are the schools so determined to have all children vaccinated?" you might ask. The answer is that the federal government gives the states $100 for each fully vaccinated child18:150! Similarly, funding requirements between the state and the school districts often involve vaccination requirements. In other words, legislators have essentially incorporated public schools into the medical racketeering network! By the way, if someone tries to deny your right to exemption, you might run the "war criminal" argument by them, and see if their attitude changes!

To sum up this whole situation, Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the AAPS, has gone on record as saying, "vaccines... use school children as research subjects... without informed consent, in violation of the Nuremburg Codes. School administrators and government bureaucrats could be... prosecuted as war criminals. We suspect financial ties between vaccine manufacturers and medical groups such as the AMA and the American Academy of Pediatrics, which endorse the vaccine"18:145. This says nothing of the physicians who participate in all of this, nor does it cover the fact that most allopathic medicines in general are approved and used in the same manner as vaccines, in this respect. As mentioned previously in this website, even former FDA Commissioner Ley acknowledged what was really going on in the organization. Despite this, allopathic physicians will still claim that the side-effects of medicines are rare, and any adverse reaction information will be used to determine the "improved" medicines to follow. When pressed for evidence on the subject, they tend to blame it all on the state and on the pharmaceutical companies, which is reminiscent of the defense used by Karl Brandt at the Nuremburg trials. Remember that Brandt argued both scientific advancement and the reality of the state in his own defense. Considering the fact that Brandt was executed, this would logically make allopathic physicians war criminals as well. The war in this case is the intropic, iatrogenic, and medical human rights war which began with the history of medicine, and which has escalated not only over the last two centuries, but especially over the last half-century.

Homeopathic Alternatives to Vaccination

It is natural to ask, "If vaccines do not provide permanent natural immunity, then what do they do, besides potentially cause all these harmful side-effects? What is this supposed 'immunity' which is artificially and temporarily given?" The correct answer is that vaccines make you chronically ill with a latent disease, so that your body is occupied with that problem in hopes that the other disease will not effect you! That is why "booster" shots are given periodically. They make you chronically ill again once your body gets over the last shot! Therefore, if someone is vulnerable to a given disease, the best scenario that will happen is that the vaccine will delay the onset of the disease, which is why "adult-onset" versions of childhood diseases are now seen! The fact that you are chronically ill also explains the different phenomena seen regarding vaccinations. For some people, the vaccine's disease is so strong that it overpowers them quickly. For others, they are able to handle the vaccine, but are put into a weakened state so that they may actually become more vulnerable when exposed to another disease, or even the disease for which they have been vaccinated in the first place! This all boils down to the idea connected with the Law of Similars, namely that a disease displaces a similar disease when it is more powerful. Indiscriminately giving the same vaccines to everyone, including those who are most vulnerable, inevitably leads to the observed and true results of vaccination seen in this section of the website. Vaccination is a crude blanket solution meant to target germs, and therefore never properly addresses those who are most at risk to a given disease. This also illustrates the point that disease is much more than just a germ, or even its corresponding antibody, as vaccine proponents would have us believe. If it were otherwise, people would only need to have immunoglobulins injected directly into them, something which even allopaths acknowledge as being of short-term benefit. The materialistic, simplistic, and often isopathic "one size fits all" mentality of vaccination is obviously specious, and is a characteristically allopathic desperation tactic which trades off a short-term solution for long-term problems, and as such has been touted falsely as a "prevent-all" to disease.

"So what distinguishes vaccination from homeopathy? After all, homeopathy works on the principle of displacing a natural disease with an artificial disease," you might ask. Indeed, it has often been noted that vaccination is homeopathic in the case of the smallpox vaccine, since the vaccine was made from a disease similar to smallpox rather than smallpox itself. However, most vaccines are isopathic, or from the same disease agent. Isopathic vaccines fail miserably because they violate all three primary principles of homeopathy: the Law of Similars, the Minimum Dose Principle, and holistic treatment. Homeopathic vaccines fail on every principle except the Law of Similars, and may only be slightly more successful. Apart from the obvious side-effects from the adjuvants, both types of vaccines are also potentially harmful because they are given in material doses, rather than being potentized in accordance with the Minimum Dose Principle. Hence, when dealing with the subject of vaccination, homeopaths must first attempt to correct the damage done to people by vaccination. As the information in this section of the website suggests, this damage takes place in three primary forms:

  • Immediate - This is the most blatant and most eminent danger, when someone suffers an adverse reaction shortly after the vaccination. This is also the only form which is truly addressed by VAERS, even if inconsistently. The result could be anything ranging from hospitalization to death. The rarity of these reactions compared to disease incidence is a claim often made by vaccine proponents. Such a claim is usually fraudulent, and is compounded by the fact that they rarely acknowledge any other type of reaction to vaccination.
  • Latent - This is more insidious and more common than the immediate reactions, and occurs when, for example, a toxic adjuvant like mercury lodges itself in the nervous system, only to manifest itself years later. Since adjuvants also contribute to the long-term "controlled" release of the vaccine's effects, they also contribute to delayed reactions from the vaccine's disease agents. The disease agent may itself be altered in the vaccine's manufacturing process, producing an altered form of the original disease. In essence, a person becomes chronically and latently ill from the vaccine.
  • Miasmatic - This is the most insidious and most profound reaction since it can effect people on a global scale. This might also be described as the genetic damage caused by vaccine components, which may alter DNA and lead to cancer or Down's Syndrome, among other things. Worse, it may effect the gene pool by not having natural immunization develop from contracting the natural disease because the body is occupied with a latent disease. Hence, no immunological hereditary influences are passed to offspring, and yet the latent diseases from vaccination can be passed. When this occurs on a large scale, it can cause the emergence of a new miasm, as was the case with the tubercular miasm after the smallpox vaccine was introduced. This is obviously a case of iatrogenically induced intropy. Not surprisingly, the effects of vaccines or allopathic medicines on human genetics is an entire field yet to be studied.

As should be expected, the homeopathic treatment of vaccination goes back to the nineteenth century. The first major work on the subject, Vaccinosis and Its Cure by Thuja; With Remarks on Homoeoprophylaxis, was first published by James Compton Burnett in 1884. In this work, Burnett first coined the term that is commonly used by homeopaths even today to describe disease induced by vaccination: vaccinosis20:12. He also describes an array of cases involving people who had been vaccinated for smallpox. Many of these people had chronic health problems for years, or even decades, which manifested themselves in a variety of ways. This points to the aforementioned dangers of the smallpox vaccine beyond the deaths it caused. Burnett successfully treated these people for their vaccinosis, mostly with a homeopathic remedy called Thuja Occidentalis. Today, we know it to be one of several possible remedies for dealing with vaccinosis. As always, the holistic principle of homeopathy must be followed in order to most effectively treat someone. As was mentioned previously, vaccination has the dubious distinction of causing the sycotic miasm in a patient. This effectively puts vaccinosis in the same disease family as gonorrhea! It is no coincidence that Thuja Occidentalis is one of the premier homeopathic remedies for gonorrhea.

vaccination in  katy tx

Thuja Occidentalis, or the Arbor Vitae, is a commonly used treatment for vaccine-induced disease. It was suggested as such over a century ago by James Compton Burnett, who also coined the term vaccinosis.

The second subject that homeopaths must address concerning vaccination is that of a viable alternative to vaccination. Since homeopathy is a system of healing, it cannot technically be used to prevent disease. However, there is an offshoot of homeopathy which has proven useful in preventing disease. Again, there was a term coined by Burnett for this field, namely homeoprophylaxis20:95. Rather than work on the principle of like cures like, homeoprophylaxis works on the principle of like prevents like. Furthermore, the same potentized remedies that are used in homeopathy are also used in homeoprophylaxis. Hence, unlike vaccination, homeoprophylaxis follows two out of the three primary homeopathic principles: the Law of Similars and the Minimum Dose Principle. This makes homeoprophylaxis much safer and more effective than vaccination could ever be. The third principle, holistic treatment, is obviously what distinguishes homeopathy from homeoprophylaxis. Since there are no symptoms to diagnose when preventing disease, it is impossible to holistically treat someone preventatively, taking away the idea of individualization. This makes homeoprophylaxis less certain than homeopathy, and points out an important fact. Given the nature of disease, and the fact that different people can react differently to a disease with the same etiology, it is fundamentally impossible to have a "prevent-all" to disease! This is something which does not change regardless of the technique used. Having guaranteed protection against disease is about as feasible as reversing intropy (or entropy, for that matter). You should not let this discourage you, however, for two reasons. First, homeopaths throughout modern history have successfully used homeoprophylaxis, going back to the time of Hahnemann. The low disease contraction rates for those protected homeoprophylactically, even during major outbreaks, puts vaccines to shame. Second, even for those who still contract a disease, homeopathy remains the ever-present system of medicine upon which to rely for healing. Homeopathy can safely and effectively treat a huge variety of diseases, including those for which vaccinations are given. Hence, homeoprophylaxis could save you a lot of grief, especially during the next epidemic, pandemic, or biological weapons attack, as discussed in a previous section of this website. The remedy of choice for homeoprophylaxis would obviously be influenced by the genus epidemicus.

Concerning the prevention of disease, in particular of common childhood disease, there is one final important point to be made. This point is perhaps nowhere more clearly illustrated than with the Hopewood children of Australia. In 1942, a philanthropist took under his guardianship eighty-five children whose mothers could not care for them. They were raised in Hopewood House at Bowral, New South Wales, under Natural Health principles, and became known as the Hopewood children. They were fed only healthy foods, such as fruits, nuts, salad, rice, wholemeal bread, lentils, etc. and drank only fruit juices and water which came from a pure source. No serious illnesses occurred despite the fact that no operations, drugs, or vaccinations were ever given to the children. Some thirty-four of the children contracted chickenpox, but this was traced to the fact that those children were swapping lunches with other kids at school for unhealthy foods. The children were found to have the healthiest teeth in the world, surpassing even the native children of New Guinea. Their independent and content personalities amazed the child psychologist that examined them. Most remarkably, all of this was despite the fact that most of the children had inherited poor health due to the illness and malnutrition in their mothers. The Hopewood children case illustrates the point that such things as proper nutrition, good hygiene, and better living conditions will do far more for health than any intervention of allopathic medicine ever could. It also supports the aforementioned claim that such "civilized" improvements have done far more to reduce infectious diseases over the last two centuries than allopathic medicine.

All of the information in this section of the website should provide more than enough information to prove that allopathic methods like vaccinations and antibiotics are not only uncertain and unnecessary, but have also proven to be generally useless for their intended purposes and often dangerous on both an individual and a global level. Such methods have been forced upon people merely as a result of the medical racketeering network, and are defended using specious arguments, obfuscation, and bald-faced lies. Their futility is especially true considering the much more viable alternatives provided by homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis. Having read all of this, you are now ready to proceed to the next section of this website.