The following is a handy numbered list of References. These are all books in my personal library, and were consulted in the making of this website (note that the books I have are not necessarily the latest editions in some cases). In order to avoid accusations of plagiarism or fabrication, I have noted direct content from these sources by using superscript notations for source number, sometimes with page numbers (e.g. "direct quote"14:233-4). An inspection of this list will reveal two things. First, the number of books written by homeopaths is in a distinct minority among the doctors, scientists, journalists, and historians. This was done not only out of a desire to achieve as much diversity as possible for potentially volatile subject matter, but also to demonstrate that homeopaths are not the only ones who have reason to learn more about homeopathy. Second, the list is a fairly short and eclectic one of an expansive set of topics, since these books themselves have dozens or even hundreds of references in turn. This follows the purpose of this website, namely to encourage people to explore homeopathy on their own. While certainly not the only books available on these topics, I highly recommend these or similar books to anyone wanting to learn more than what can be presented here, or who simply wish to verify information. Also included is a list of Recommended Reading documents available for download which have been added to the website. The date indicates when the specific document was added, and the listing is in chronological order.

Recommended Reading

  • 10/04/02 - If anyone wants a copy of my "cheat sheet", or Tips On Using Homeopathic Medicine, you can download a text version of it here. This provides some quick, introductory information for those undergoing homeopathic treatment.
  • 01/15/03 - The news article on the allopathic Senator Bill Frist, The Bad Doctor: Bill Frist’s long record of corporate vices, can be downloaded here. It provides some real insight into how money, politics, and allopathic medicine are inextricably linked.
  • 06/29/03 - For those of you who want to see my notes from my vaccination presentation, Vaccination: From the Sacred Cow to the Cash Cow, you can download it here (size: 220 kb, right click on the link and save to your hard drive). It is a zipped archive which includes an .html file and some .jpg image files.
  • 08/07/03 - If anyone wants a copy of the form letter to mail to the Texas Department of Public Health to have your children exempt from vaccination, you can download a text version of it here. This will allow parents to have their children enter public schools and day care centers without vaccinations. For instructions, see the News section of this website under the entry dated 08/07/03.
  • 04/17/04 - A copy of my Diet and Nutrition Guidlines (Including Toxic and Autistic Information) is available for download here. This is a quick reference and introduction to a number of nutrition-related health secrets, including specific information for autistic cases.
  • 07/18/04 - A zipped copy of my notes from my presentation, Toxic Dangers to Avoid and Their Healthier Alternatives, is available for download here (size: 905 kb, right click on the link and save to your hard drive). It is a zipped archive which includes an .html file and some .jpg and .gif image files. Be sure to read this and pass the knowledge to your family and friends! See also the entry dated 06/29/03 for my notes from my vaccination presentation, which I mention occasionally in this presentation.
  • 02/07/05 - A zipped copy of two important documents, the "Death By Medicine" paper and the ICC indictment against the medical racketeering network, is available for download here and here (size: 300 kb, right click on the link and save to your hard drive). It is a zipped archive which includes an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file and a web browser (.html) file. See the entry in the NEWS section of this website dated 02/07/05 for more details on these documents. Be sure to read this eye-opening information!
  • 09/09/06 - My first paper on my homeoagricultural research is now available here in .pdf format (1.28 Mb, right click on the link and save to your hard drive)! Those people who have seen my Future of Health Care Presentation will have a full appreciation of this research. For those who have purchased my homeoagricultural formula and need a copy of the instructions, you can find them here.


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