We are proud distributors of ASEA products: ASEA Redox and RENU 28!

Homeopathy works on the body in part by manipulation of the cell signaling network, making it a form of biophysical medicine. Homeopathic potencies retain water structures which interact with the cell signaling system to produce the desired healing response, without the need for leaving a chemical trail. This is why homeopathic potencies work even when diluted beyond Avogadro's Number in chemistry.

This is what makes ASEA Redox so significant, because you are fortifying the available Redox molecules in the body to improve the efficiency of the cell signaling network. Quintessentially, this supplement is the closest one I have found which directly supports the actions of homeopathic medicine.

While the Redox is taken internally, ASEA also has a topical supplement to help with skin issues called RENU 28. This gel has been shown to reduce cellulite, wrinkles, discoloration, etc. In other words, it helps with many of the skin problems associated with aging.