• 03/24/20 - Italy's Civil Protection Agency just announced a recent drop in COVID-19 morbidity rates, just three weeks after a dramatic surge in cases put Italy on top of the world's official mortality rate at the time of this writing. Thus we see a continuation of the pattern of sudden increased virulence followed by a steady decline in morbidity for each region affected. While it will be some time before the pandemic subsides altogether, this pattern of remission offers some good news.

    Meanwhile, other nations continue to implement various forms of quarantine measures to mitigate the spread of the disease. In the United States of America, New York, Washington, California, Florida, Michigan, and Illinois appear to have the worst of the Pandemic. These quarantine measures are hoped to further curtail the spread of disease, the virulence of which has been declining since its initial spread from China.

    Even with the official statistics, most cases that test positive do not manifest symptoms, while most people who believe to be infected do not test positive. This likely means that there are many false positives and false negatives for the test. Additionally, 99% of fatalities are amongst the elderly and people with predisposing chronic disease. Accordingly, one should put both diagnosis and actual symptoms into their proper perspective.

    I am happy to report that none of my patients has had symptoms of the disease thus far. These include high fever, body pains, and acute respiratory syptoms like pnuemonia. A number of patients have taken advantage of my homeoprophylactic treatment, and are seeing the benefits.

    In a time with so much negative reporting, it is important to remain calm and objective in accessing the actual dangers of the situation. Rash thinking can only lead to poor decision-making and will more likely put you in a worse position unnecessarily. Having homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis on your side makes this much easier.

    • News related to homeopathy, health care, and related information will be posted here. Updates for this website will also be announced here. Items are listed in reverse chronological order. This section is meant to be updated with some frequency, so any contributions to this end will be appreciated.
    • 2/25/20 When the WHO declared a global flu pandemic last month, the bulk of cases were still in China. At the time of this writing  the severity in China has waned, yet conditions have worsened in Korea and Japan. This has many wondering if the worst of the pandemic will work its way to the United States or Europe. Signs of pandemic preparations from various government agencies reinforce such concerns. This concern is magnified by the typical inefficacy of allopathic medicine in terms of both treatment and prevention.
      The use of respirators (face masks) is medically useless for the prevention of the flu, especially when one considers that such masks only protect to the micron level, and as such only block bacteria. Both viruses and mycoplasmas are submicronic, making respirators little more than ineffectual security blankets. Furthermore, they do nothing to prevent transmission by other avenues (e.g. eyes). This should indicate why the spread of the flu appears to be unchecked. Once infected, going through the allopathic meat grinder of mistreatment is what many desire to avoid, but lack the knowledge to accomplish.
      This is where homeopathy comes into play. As discussed in my website, homeopathy has a highly successful track record for treating the flu. In the great flu pandemic of 1918, homepathically treated people had less than one percent mortality rate, while the allopathically mistreated had about a fifty percent mortality rate. One does not need to be a mathematician to see where the real medical science is to be found.
      Moreover, prevention is also accomplished via homeoprophylaxis, whereby homeopathic potencies are given as a preventative for disease. This offshoot of homeopathy also has an established track record for success which puts other methods to shame. To this end, I have recently stocked our most commonly used homeoprophylactic remedy in a sizable quantity in the event of a widespead pandemic here in the west.

      For both flue prevention and treatment, I know of nothing more effective than homeoprophylaxis and homeopathy, respectively. Accordingly, we encourage anyone in need to contact us for assistance with your medical needs.
    • 09/09/06 - My first paper on my homeoagricultural research is now available here in .pdf format (1.28 Mb, right click on the link and save to your hard drive)! Those people who have seen my Future of Health Care Presentation will have a full appreciation of this research. For those who have purchased my homeoagricultural formula and need a copy of the instructions, you can find them here.
    • 07/13/06 - I have made a rare update to the home page today! Instead of the plain Homeopathic Village Logo at the top of the page, the new Homeopathic Village Seal is now displayed. The Seal features the Logo at its center, but has writing that surrounds it in a circular pattern. For those who may have trouble with Old English fonts, it reads, "Homeopathic Village - Similia Similibus Curentur". The Latin phrase means, "Likes Cures Likes," and embodies the idea of the Law of Similars, which is the pillar of homeopathic medicine. The Seal is meant to capture the meaning of natural healing in my own particular idiom, and is going to have increased significance in the near future. All important Homeopathic Village documents and correspondence will soon feature real gilded wax versions of the Seal. Hopefully, the importance and authority that people naturally associate with a Seal will do much in the coming years to promote the recognition and support that homeopathy deserves.
    • 08/26/05 - I have updated the Interesting Cases and Quotes section of the website today! The five latest entries are at the top of the section. Enjoy.
    • 02/07/05 - As I have indicated in this website in numerous ways, allopaths don't just kill people, they kill a LOT of people. In fact, the nearly eight million deaths prove that more Americans die at the hands of allopaths than those who die from all other causes combined by a huge margin. For proof of this, look at the zipped archive here and here . The .pdf file is a paper called "Death By Medicine", which tells in nauseating detail just what allopaths do to the United States population. The second file is a .html file which is a copy of a criminal indictment against the medical racketeering network which details how much damage allopaths do across the world, and gives some pretty telling motives behind the whole thing. All of this is backed up by carefully documented, peer-reviewed research, and is as unassailable as the fact that we as a species are getting sicker with each passing generation thanks in no small part to the dubious efforts of allopathic medicine. Given the mountain of evidence to the contrary, one must wonder why allopaths relentlessly claim to be providing "health care". Either we must accept that allopaths are oblivious to everything that happens around them to the point of being dysfunctional, or perhaps the following two-pronged explanation is nearer to the truth. The first prong is what I call the Bonehead Postulate, which states, "if we ignore something, that proves it doesn't exist; if we blindly accept something without evidence, that proves it to be true". This postulate is the house of cards on which allopathic medicine is based, and is glued together by the second prong, namely the Allopathic Dictionary of Public Relations. In this almost magical tome, one can reconcile what actually happens with what allopaths publicly claim to happen. Reading through it makes the terms allopaths use readily understandable: fraud constitutes "genius"; genocide proves "safety"; being a part of systemic incompetence makes you "qualified"; and anyone who dares to speak against the whole process is a "quack" or even a "traitor". Given the amount of money involved in allopathy, the motive for this two-pronged approach could not be more obvious. The next time you hear someone make claims about allopathic medicine, like "the benefits outweigh the risks", or "the past problems have been largely corrected", or "it's all for a noble cause", you can respond to such inanities with the belly-laugh they so justifiably deserve. After all, such claims emanate from a segment of society which is, by definition, genocidal, and is only becoming increasingly so!
    • 08/05/04 - It's back to school time for the kids again. Don't be fooled by allopathic doctors into getting your children vaccinated. They will use any of a number of preprogrammed lies to accomplish this. For example, many allopaths say the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism is unfounded. As I mentioned in one of my electronic newsletters earlier this year, one of my autistic cases started talking again while undergoing my MMR detoxification treatment! I defy anyone to give a valid medical explanation for how this is possible if vaccination were not responsible for autism. Furthermore, allopaths also will ignore the deliberate scientific fraud by the CDC (mentioned in the NEWS article below dated 12/04/03) to cover up the link between thimerosal (which is a potent neurotoxin composed of 49% ethylmercury) in vaccines to neurological developmental disorders (including autism), and the complicity with the fraud given by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) which prompted the addition of the flu vaccine (which still has thimerosal) to the Childhood immunization schedule as of the fall of this year! All of this is just part why 66% of doctors won't take vaccines like the MMR or Hepatitis B for themselves or their families. When combined with the many other facts I have uncovered about vaccination, this should emphasize the fact that allopathic doctors do little more than lie to people and violate the Nuremburg Code for a living, and don't particularly care about the consequences for those outside their own families. They are obviously becoming concerned with the new rights granted to people under HB2292, however, because schools no longer allow the 30 day "grace" period for exemptions at the beginning of the year. Hence, the exemptions must be done by the first day of school, or else children will be forced to leave. Furthermore, the exemptions must be redone every two years, as if parents are going to decide not to vaccinate their children and then subsequently change their minds later! The TDH is also requiring that the names of the children to be listed on the request letter, even though HB2292 specifically states that it is illegal to keep track of the names in order to avoid discrimination issues. Until these issues are resolved legally, I suggest adding the names of the children onto the request letter form I created. These are yet more examples of coercion tactics by the medical and pharmaceutical industries, who cannot afford to lose their big business of deliberately harming people for profit. For detailed instructions on how to do the vaccination exemptions, look at the NEWS article below dated 08/07/03. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    • 07/18/04 - For those who missed attending the recent presentation, I have added a new document to the References and Recommended Reading section. It is a zipped file of my recently given presentation called Toxic Dangers to Avoid and Their Healthier Alternatives. It can be downloaded here (size: 905 kb, right click on the link and save to your hard drive). Be sure to read this and pass the knowledge to your family and friends!
    • 04/17/04 - I have added a new document to the References and Recommended Reading section called Diet and Nutrition Guidlines (Including Toxic and Autistic Information), a text version of which can be downloaded here. I have also updated the References and Recommended Reading section of the website to include a listing of all documents which have been made available for download on this website. The links are listed before the references list in the chronological order of when the documents were added.
    • 12/04/03 - A study by the CDC which supposedly disproves the link between thimerosal and neurological disorders such as autism has recently appeared in the November issue of Pediatrics. This study is not nearly as interesting as its history. It went through four "generations" before it was finally published, and the final version bears no resemblance to the original, which clearly shows a correlation between thimerosal exposure levels in vaccines versus the relative risk of autism, attention deficit disorder, and stammering. The most telling part of this history is to be found at, which has a complete copy of the original, untampered report, and direct evidence of the deliberate attempts to obscure the results. The climax of this history centers around a closed meeting at Simpsonwood which took place in June of 2000 for the express purpose of manipulating the data in order to protect thimerosal and, by extension, vaccines and their manufacturers. The minutes of this secret meeting had to be obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, and they provide a clear and chilling look behind the scenes of the wonderful world of vaccination. To make a long story short, they ended up using data from a Health Maintenece Organization (HMO), Harvard Pilgrim, which had a notorious reputation for maintaining false and highly inaccurate records before it finally went bankrupt three years ago. This HMO is the only one in the country which did NOT report the 500% increases in autism over the period of the study, reporting almost no cases. By comparing this HMO to two others, the authors of the final report debunked the thimerosal/autism connection on the basis that the results were "not consistent between HMO's". The correlation with other neurological developmental disorders (NDD's) could not be so easily hidden, and were omitted entirely from the final report. The CDC tried to cover the whole thing by publicly stating that no previous study showed a correlation, which the mass media obligingly has passed on as fact even though it is a BALD-FACED LIE! This misgivings of the head researcher, Verstraeten, expressed at the Simpsonwood meeting were soon quieted by his "promotion" to a position with the vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline. Meanwhile, more time will be wasted by the CDC on "investigating". It's inspiring to see our tax dollars at work. If the medical racketeering network has its way (and it usually does), then the whole thimerosal issue will probably be buried in the backyard of allopathic-idiocy medical history, waiting to be rediscovered by some future generation as was the case with the nineteenth-century smallpox vaccine statistics.
    • 08/07/03 - There is finally some good news for all of you Texas parents. House Bill 2292 was signed into law this summer, and attempts to overturn this law have thus far been averted. This new law gives parents expanded rights to refuse vaccination for their children, inclusive of school and day care center admission. The older method of submitting the notarized letter will no longer be accepted. However, there are two main points of bad news. First, you must submit a formal request in writing to the Texas Department of Health for the affidavit form (one for each child) which will be accepted by the schools, and only the original forms directly from the Texas Department of Health will now be accepted, not copies or reproductions of any kind. I have made a prelininary sample request form letter, which you can download here. Send this letter to the address at the top. I personally recommend you get this request letter notarized and sent by registered mail. Then once you have received, completed, and notarized the affidavit form, I recommend you make a xeroxed copy of it. When you submit the affidavit form to the school/day care center, have the person receiving the original sign and date the copy as acknowledgement of receipt, and then keep this copy for your records as proof. The other point of bad news is that the new law doesn't go into effect until September 1, 2003. Since most schools resume session before then, there will be legal ambiguity which must be resolved on a school system basis until then. The new affidavit form will not be available until that date as well, but I recommend you send out the request letter for the affidavit form immediately so that you will receive it as soon as possible. The whole request letter business adds an unnecessary layer of complication to the exemption process, but will hopefully standardize acceptance by the schools. HB2292 also provides protection for parents who exercise their child's exemption rights, so it is now illegal for school systems to use Child Protection Services (CPS) or some other agency to strong-arm parents into getting their children vaccinated. Furthermore, doctors are not allowed to coerce parents into getting their children vaccinated. HB2292 seems like a major human rights victory in Texas, but I will wait and see how well things are implemented before celebrating, especially considering how poor the government is in enforcing such matters. Important Update: See the NEWS article above dated 08/05/04 for further information.
    • 06/29/03 - I have posted an .html (internet format) version of my notes for my vaccination presentation, which I finally gave for the first time yesterday. To these notes I have appended a paraphrased version of a few key questions that followed the presentation, and my answers to them. You can download this data here (size: 220 kb, right click on the link and save to your hard drive). It is in a zipped archive format, which must be decompressed using Winzip or some similar utility before viewing. Once the files have been decompressed, you simply open the presentation01.html file using your web browser (e.g. Netscape or Internet Explorer). This presentation contains a great deal of information about vaccination which I do not include in the vaccination section of the website, so you will definitely want to read it!
    • 03/18/03 - I have updated the Interesting Cases and Quotes section of the website today! The five latest entries are at the top of the section. Enjoy.
    • 01/15/03 - I just found an interesting article on the LA Weekly website about Bill Frist, the new Senate majority leader, whose "promotion" could not have been better timed. I have linked a copy of the article here. For those of you who don't know, Frist was the original author of the legislation that expands protection of vaccine manufacturers (the so-called Frist Bill), the same legislation which clandestinely made its way into the Homeland Security Act of 2002. Incidentally, Dick Armey was the Congressman who made the mysterious swap of the original bill with the "padded" version, saying that he was proud of what he did to protect American health care from greedy lawyers. He claimed that this was at the request of the White House, which the White House conveniently denied. Coincidentally, in 1977 George Bush, Sr. was made a director of Eli Lilly, the manufacturer of thimerosol, serving as just one example of the close ties the Bush family has to the pharmaceutical industry. If you think it is also a coincidence that last year was Armey's last congressional session, or that the pharmaceutical industry is the second-largest contributor to political campaigns, then I have some thirty-year-old smallpox vaccine that I'd like to sell you. When you try to figure out recent events, or when you hear someone from Washington, D.C. say things about greedy lawyers trying to go after the health care industry, remember this article.
    • 11/23/02 - I have personally read through the 484-page Homeland Security Bill, as well as commentary on it. There are a number of chilling points. Apart from theoretically granting unchecked power of forced nationwide vaccination to a single person, there are a number of other points which have obviously risen as a result of lobbying from the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry. Not only are the manufacturers immune to prosecution as a result of vaccine damages, but the government itself can be sued only under narrow conditions. Furthermore, other laws are modified to expand the definitions for vaccines, manufacturers, ingredients, and injuries, essentially indemnifying everyone involved from suits from any vaccine ingredients. This means everything, including adjuvants like thimerosol! If vaccine ingredients are harmless, then why is the government so desperate to protect the manufacterers from prosecution because of them? There is a final point to be made which even commentators have not observed, but I have. Any information submitted to the Department of Homeland Security for the purposes of warnings, information, or even speculation, is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. Hence, the allopathic community or the pharmaceutical industry could submit whatever information they like to justify forced nationwide vaccinations, and no one would have to reveal their involvement, let alone justify their findings to anyone except the Secretary! Remember that this whole bill was passed in a clandestine manner, and who knows how many government officials were bribed or duped to make all of this happen. President Bush is so busy shouting about the need to protect the world from Nazi-type and Communist-type activities to justifiy a war against Iraq, he is blind to what is going on in the U.S.A. The government is using the recent terrorism scares as an excuse to justify and expand upon the war crimes it has been commiting against its own citizens! If Karl Brandt could somehow look at what has been happening in the U.S.A. since his death, he would probably laugh maniacally. The day Bush signs this legislation into law is the day that the fascist Nazis can claim that they were the ones who really won World War II!
    • 11/19/02 - The Homeland Security Bill has received a lot of press recently but, as usual, little meaningful information about it has been distributed. The amendment to the bill, which would have gotten rid of a number of so-called "pork" portions of the bill, failed to pass Congress. This means that vaccine manufacturers are immune to prosecution regardless of what the vaccines do to people. This goes along with the rest of U.S.A. vaccine history since the infamous NCVIA was passed in 1986. On top of this, however, there are a number of other points of concern. For example, the U.S.A. Secretary of Health and Human Services has the power to call for a universal smallpox vaccination, regardless of informed consent or exemptions. There are also a number of concerns regarding quarantine and privacy issues. Furthermore, on the morning the bill was passed, the original 32 page bill was mysteriously replaced with a whopping 484 page version. Hence, it was voted into legislation before anyone in Congress even had a chance to read it, and all without a single hearing or debate! Therefore, not only has the Nuremburg Code been blatantly ignored, but also the democratic process which the U.S.A. blindly professes to follow. Here is yet another example of backdoor politics which gradually strips away people's human rights in a so-called "free democracy".
    • 11/07/02 - The New England Journal of Medicine published an article refuting the link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Like most vaccine research, the study has several fundamental flaws. First, some of the children who were vaccinated were "misplaced" into the unvaccinated category. Second, the Danish children were lumped together with the children from the U.S.A., despite the fact that Denmark, like most other countries in existence outside the U.S.A., had the sense to remove thimerosol from vaccines long before the period of the study in question. Hence, the Danish children were not exposed to the same mercury poisoning as the U.S.A. children. Finally, the study goes under the fundamental assumption that only the MMR vaccine is involved in the link to autism, when in fact the real problem is the aggregate effect of the geometrically increasing number of vaccines on children since the 1980's in the U.S.A. Such an increase in autism over this time period is publicized in California simply because they are the only state with an autism tracking system. Similar increases can be found across the U.S.A., but not outside the U.S.A. where there is no comparable vaccine lunacy. Naturally, the only thing out of all of this that reaches the public through the mass media is something to the effect of, "latest research debunks link between vaccines and autism. There is no statistical difference between the autism rates of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. There is nothing harmful in vaccines". Welcome to the world of mass-media censorship and cover-ups.
    • 10/19/02 - CNN recently announced a study done by the University of California, Davis, which was funded by the state. The study found a 273% increase in autism rates in California from the years 1987 to 1998, an estimate which some observers have noted to be severely underreported. The increase cannot be explained by the population increase, which "baffles" researchers. Inanely enough, some people are debating whether vaccination or genetics is responsible for the outbreak. As noted in the vaccination section of this website, people have been damaged on a genetic level since the introduction of mass-vaccination in the nineteenth century! Again, this ties into similar increases seen in learning disabilities and Down's Syndrome.
    • 10/04/02 - This is the premier of the full version of the Homeopathic Village Website! Remember that this website in general, and this news page in particular, are meant to be updated. Any contributive feedback will be appreciated. As you can see below, I have a few news items which I have noted "retroactively" to this grand opening as an example of what to expect to see here in the future.
    • 9/9/02 - CNN announced an article published by the AP about a recent study on several midwest hospitals. It was found that one out of every five doses of medicine was given in error, either in the wrong strength or the wrong medicine altogether! Included are estimates that U.S.A. hospitals produce as many as one million serious reactions, including 98,000 deaths, per year as a result.
    • 9/4/02 - CNN announced that the government was considering vaccinating 500,000 health care workers from smallpox. This is interesting considering that they announced over two months ago that they were already going to implement such a plan, shortly after the proposal to vaccinate the general population was shot down by the CDC Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices. What could make them reconsider, unless it were the results on the health care workers? Not coincidentally, Headline News also began running segments which showed the "debatable" nature of smallpox vaccination by mentioning a few of the consequences. This is usually as close as the news gets to telling people the down side of such matters.
    • 7/9/02 - CNN announced the "discovery" that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was harmful, especially in the long term. This is an interesting observation, considering that homeopaths have been telling everyone about the harmful effects of HRT for over a decade. Also, the effect of HRT, and its predecessor Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT), have been known since the 1980's but rarely communicated by doctors to their patients. All research on HRT was stopped cold by the NIH, and patients were advised to discuss the matter with their doctors. We'll see how much this actually changes.
    • 6/20/02 - The CDC Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices, debating the pros and cons of making the smallpox vaccine available to the general population, reached the decision that the risks of vaccination did not justify their distribution. In a study done earlier this year, for example, one-third of 680 test subjects had reactions serious enough to interfere with school or work. Fortunately, the recent scares of terrorism, and bioterrorism in particular, did not override reason.